Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Whether its Asian landmarks or world geography you’re keen on, there’s nothing like an epic trivia night to get the quiz juices flowing. So, in case you’re looking to host a quiz dedicated to all the weird and wonderful places this world has to offer, we’ve put together this: our epic rundown of 100 geography trivia questions and answers, to tickle that trivia funny bone of yours.

Whether you’re hosting a real-life pub quiz or instead delivering it via Google Meets, Zoom or even MS Teams, this article is jam-packed with ten rounds, from absolutely easy geography trivia to more fiendishly difficult fare, for the avid geography nuts out there.

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Easy Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Let’s slide into this trivia session shall we? With a super simple, easy as pie round of geography questions and answers fit for the entire family to play. Ready to go? Dive headfirst into these cracking quiz questions about geography:

1. Titicaca, Victoria, Windermere, Placid and Michigan are all famous what?

2. Which country shares a border with Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Andorra and Switzerland

3. Where are the states of Goa and Uttar Pradesh?

4. On and around the USA-Canada border, how many Great Lakes are there

5. By area, what is the largest state in the USA?

6. Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama make up a region known as what?

7. What stretches more than 21,000km from the Jiayuguan Pass to the Bohai Gulf?

8. Which state of the USA is made up exclusively of islands?

9. What is the capital city of Russia?

10. Which country borders Israel, Sudan and Libya?

Geographical trivia questions - Great Wall of China

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Easy Geography Trivia Answers

  1. Lakes
  2. France
  3. India
  4. 5
  5. Alaska
  6. Central America
  7. Great Wall of China
  8. Hawaii
  9. Moscow
  10. Egypt

Interesting fact: Alaska is well over twice as big as second placed Texas. It has a land mass of more than 665, 384 square miles.

Hard Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

The previous set of ten like child’s play to your contestants? Well then it’s time to switch it up, with a round of difficult geography pub quiz questions fit for landmark and landscape fans:

1. Which capital city in Africa starts and ends with the same pair of letters, which also occur a third time in the middle of the city’s name?

2. Stewart Island is the third largest island of which country?

3. What is the longest river in Italy?

4. Which state borders Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee?

5. Brazil is one of three countries in South America that do not speak Spanish. What are the other two?

6. Which country contains the provinces of Dornod, Uvs and Ulaanbaatar?

7. The country of Papua New Guinea shares an island with which other country?

8. Which mountain range in southern Cuba, from where the revolution was fought in 1952-3, has its highest point at Pico Turquino?

9. In which African country would you find the historic city of Timbuktu?

10. The equator passes through which three South American countries?

Trivia about geography - Mongolia

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Hard Geography Trivia Answers

  1. Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
  2. New Zealand
  3. The Po
  4. Georgia
  5. Surinam and Guyana
  6. Mongolia
  7. Indonesia
  8. Sierra Maestra
  9. Mali
  10. Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil

Did you know? Stewart Island is home to the largest concentration of kiwis, as well as other endangered birds such as the kakapo, as it has very few predators compared with the rest of the country.

Latin America Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

It’s time to start traveling, through the fine pursuit of great trivia! In this round, transport yourself (and your participants) to the laidback climes of Latin America. Hop from Brazil to Bolivia and see how much they know about the Americas’ most southern nations:

1. In which Latin American country would you find Baja California and the Copper Canyon?

2. In which Latin American country would you find the cities of Porto Alegre, Manaus and Recife?

3. In which Latin American country could you visit the salt flat of Uyuni?

4. The Galapagos Isles belong to which Latin American country?

5. In which country in South America would you find the Nazca Lines and Machu Picchu?

6. Which are the only two landlocked countries in Latin America?

7. In which country is Salto Ángel, the world’s highest waterfall?

8. In which country would you find Lake Atitlán and the Mayan site of Tikal?

9. The Arenal Volcano and the Tortuguero National Park are in which country?

10. Which Latin American country had the highest murder rate in the world in 2020, with 82 homicides per 100,000 people?

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers - South America

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Latin America Geography Trivia Answers

  1. Mexico
  2. Brazil
  3. Bolivia
  4. Ecuador 
  5. Peru
  6. Bolivia and Paraguay
  7. Venezuela (Angel Falls)
  8. Guatemala
  9. Costa Rica
  10. El Salvador

US Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

From south, make your way north to the land of the brave and the free. Yup, it can only be the United States of America! Test their knowledge with these ten U.S geography trivia questions and answers.

1. Which state shares a border with Oregon, Nevada and Arizona?

2. If you travelled due North from Phoenix, Arizona, which American state would you be in when you reached the Canadian border?

3. Which is the northernmost city in the USA?

4. Which state of the USA borders Lake Ontario?

5. Which state borders Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont?

6. If you crossed into the USA from Tijuana, which is the first city you would come to?

7. In which state is Grand Canyon National Park?

8. If you travelled due West from NYC, which state would you be in when you reached the Pacific?

9. Which state borders Kansas to the West and Illinois to the East?

10. After California and Texas, what is the third most populous state of the USA?

U.S. geography trivia questions and answers

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US Geography Trivia Answers

  1. California
  2. Montana
  3. Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska
  4. New York
  5. New Hampshire
  6. San Diego
  7. Arizona
  8. California
  9. Missouri
  10. Florida

Country Trivia Questions and Answers

From Afghanistan all the way to Zimbabwe, there are a lot of countries on this planet, each with their unique customs, cultures and landmarks. Use this round to see how much your quizzers know about the nations of this world, in these country trivia questions:

1. How many countries are there in the world? (allow 5 either way perhaps)

2. Outside of Europe, which country produces the most wine?

3. Which country is entirely surrounded by South Africa?

4. Measuring just 0.17 square miles, what is the smallest country on Earth?

5. The name of which country in Asia contains eight consecutive consonants?

6. Which country shares borders with India and Myanmar only?

7. Which country is home to the cities of Casablanca and Marrakesh?

8. Which country has Abuja as its capital city?

9. If you cross the Oresund bridge from Malmo, in which country will you arrive?

10. Which African country comprises Zanzibar and Tanganyika?

Geography pub quiz questions - Cape Town

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Country Trivia Answers

  1. 195
  2. U.S.A. (only Italy, France and Spain produce more)
  3. Lesotho
  4. The Vatican
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Morocco
  8. Nigeria
  9. Denmark
  10. Tanzania

Geography Trivia for Kids

Got a bunch of young ‘uns itching to take part in your ultimate geography trivia night? Or do your grown-ups need some easier fare? Either way, toss in this, the sixth round of geography trivia questions all geared towards kids.

1. What is the middle of the Earth called?

2. What is the largest country in the world?

3. Out of what geological structure does lava come?

4. In which city would you find Big Ben?

5. In which city would you find the Eiffel tower?

6. What is the biggest ocean in the world?

7. How many layers of the Earth are there?

8. Where do penguins live: the North Pole, or the South Pole?

9. What is the longest river in the World?

10. What is the biggest desert on Earth?

Geography questions and answers - penguins

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Geography Trivia for Kids Answers

  1. The (inner) core
  2. Russia
  3. A volcano
  4. London
  5. Paris
  6. Pacific
  7. 4 (crust, mantle, outer core, inner core)
  8. The South Pole
  9. River Nile
  10. Antarctica (the Sahara is the largest dry desert)!

Geography Trivia for Big Kids Questions

That round a piece of cake for the kids on your quiz night? Let’s chuck out a cracking round of more geography trivia questions that are slightly more challenging; probably geared towards ‘big kids’ if you know what we mean 😜

1. What is the second biggest city (by population) in the United Kingdom?

2. On which continent do kangaroos live?

3. What is Krakatoa an example of?

4. How many oceans are there in the world?

5. In which continent do lions live?

6. What geographical phenomena can be cumulonimbus, cirrus or stratus?

7. How many continents are there in the world?

8. Which of these is in the Northern Hemisphere: Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn?

9. In which country would you find the states of Queensland and New South Wales?

10. What is the name of the largest rainforest in the world?

World geography questions and answers - Volcano

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Geography Trivia for Big Kids Answers

  1. Birmingham
  2. Australia/Australasia/Oceania
  3. Volcano
  4. 5
  5. Africa
  6. Clouds
  7. 7
  8. Tropic of Cancer
  9. Australia
  10. The Amazon

Asian Landmarks Trivia Questions

Can you contestants tell the Great Wall of China from the Gobi Desert? Or Thai landmarks like Ayutthaya from Ang Thong? See how many points they can get on your trivia scorecard in this, our round dedicated to the most famous landmarks in Asia.

1. In which country in Asia would you find Angkor Wat?

2. In which country in Asia would you find the islands of Mindanao, Negros and the Visayas?

3. In which country in Asia would you find the Taj Mahal?

4. In which country in Asia would you find the Annapurna massif?

5. In which country in Asia would you find Mount Bromo and Yogyakarta?

6. In which country in Asia would you find the Marina Bay Sands Hotel?

7. In which country in Asia would you find the Burj Khalifa?

8. In which country in Asia would you find the province of Kamchatka?

9. In which country in Asia would you find the holy city of Mecca?

10. In which country in Asia would you find the Grand People’s Study House and the Arch of Reunification?

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers - Annapurna

Asian Landmarks Trivia Answers

  1. Cambodia
  2. The Philippines
  3. India
  4. Nepal
  5. Indonesia
  6. Singapore
  7. U.A.E.
  8. Russia
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. North Korea

No way… At its narrowest point, the Bering Strait that separates Alaska and the USA from Kamchatka and Russia is only 55 miles across.

Who am I? Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

And just like that, you’ve gotten to the penultimate round of geography trivia questions and answers. So, it’s time to mix it up, just before the night is over…

In this round we ask you (and your players): Complete the famous name with a (vaguely) geographical word…

1. __ Phoenix: actor who starred in My Own Private Idaho.

2. Charles __: Italian American bodybuilder who died in 1972.

3. __ Marciano: World Heavyweight Boxing Champion in the 1950s.

4. John __: hero of A Song of Ice and Fire.

5. Rikki __: American actress and chat show host.

6. __ Richard: singer who had a UK number 1 in five different decades.

7. __ Goodrem: Australian actress and singer, once a star of Neighbours.

8. __ Van Halen: guitarist and singer.

9. Nicholas __: actor starring in Face Off and Leaving Las Vegas.

10. David __: television presenter famous for a momentous interview with Richard Nixon.

Trivia about geography- Rocky Mountains

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Who am I? Geography Trivia Answers

  1. River 
  2. Atlas
  3. Rocky
  4. Snow
  5. Lake
  6. Cliff
  7. Delta
  8. Eddie (eddy)
  9. Cave
  10. Frost

Neighboring Countries – Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Last but definitely not least, let’s stretch that landscape know-how. For the final round of the night, it’s time to get those virtual maps out and see if you can identify the country from its shared land borders.

Hint: Too hard for your participants? Prep some slides as a virtual map, as a bit of a visual aid.

1. Sweden, Finland & Russia.

2. Oman & Saudi Arabia.

3. South Korea, China & Russia.

4. Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia & Brunei.

5. Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo & Montenegro2.

6. Algeria & Libya.

7. Portugal, France, Andorra & Morocco.

8. Mexico, Belize, Honduras & El Salvador.

9. China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan.

10. Nicaragua & Panama.

Trivia geography questions - Spain

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Neighboring Countries – Geography Quiz Answers

  1. Norway
  2. Yemen
  3. North Korea
  4. Malaysia
  5. Albania
  6. Tunisia
  7. Spain
  8. Guatemala
  9. Tajikistan
  10. Costa Rica

Interesting Fact: There are two Spanish enclaves called Melilla and Ceuta on mainland Africa, contained within Morocco.

How did you (and your competitors of course) do? Did they etch up impressive scores on the leader board, or did they falter at the first difficult round?

Please do tell us what you thought about our geography trivia quiz in the comments. And do feel free to send us ideas or suggestions for more geography trivia facts, for us to add to this list!

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