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From scalpels to sutures, how much do you think you know about the exciting field of medicine, and all the health-related trivia it can serve up? Well, grab that stethoscope since it is time to get hearts racing in this, our list of 100 medical trivia questions and answers!

Just gather your family, friends or even colleagues round to deliver this medical trivia quiz, either in a real-life pub quiz or done virtually via Skype, House Party or Zoom.

Easy General Knowledge Medical Trivia Questions and Answers

It’s always a good idea to kick off a trivia night with a slightly simple round, to warm up those quiz muscles! So, with that in mind, here is our easy round of 10 medical trivia questions:

1. Which of your organs has stopped if you are experiencing a cardiac arrest?

2. What is the American equivalent of what British hospitals call A&E?

3. Which strain of coronavirus did President Trump contract at a White House event in October 2020, along with more than 30 other attendees?

4. Brufen, Advil, Motrin and Nurofen are different brand names for which drug?

5. How many patellas do human beings have?

6. For what do the initials G.P. stand?

7. Pituitary, Thyroid and Prostate are all types of what?

8. The condition where the roof of a baby’s mouth and upper lip remain open during development is known as a “Cleft…”?

9. What sort of patients does a paediatrician work with?

10. Where might you be surrounded by amniotic fluid?

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Easy General Knowledge Medical Trivia Answers

  1. Heart
  2. E.R. (Emergency Room / Accident & Emergency). Also accept Emergency Department/Ward/Centre/Unit.
  3. Covid-19
  4. Ibuprofen
  5. 2 (kneecaps)
  6. General Practitioner
  7. Glands
  8. Palate
  9. Children
  10. In the womb

More General Knowledge Medical Trivia Questions and Answers

That first round delivered a positive diagnosis? Follow it up with this round of ten great general knowledge questions, the perfect prescription for your trivia fiends!

1. Which three diseases does the MMR vaccine protect you from?

2. What name is given to the operation in which the vasa defentia are cut and tied?

3. Which tubes carry oxygenated blood from the heart?

4. What does a sphygmomanometer measure?

5. What condition occurs when proteins in the eye form clumps, preventing normal movement of light through the eye and resulting in a clouding of the lens?

6. Which medical specialty is concerned with diseases of the blood?

7. Used to treat patients with defective kidneys, how is the process of removing excess water, solutes and toxins from the blood known?

8. Sebaceous, Pineal and Salivary are all types of what?

9. Which teeth can be found between the incisors and the premolars?

10. Where would you find your gluteus maximus and gluteus medius?

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More General Knowledge Medical Trivia Answers

  1. Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  2. Vasectomy
  3. Arteries
  4. Blood Pressure
  5. Cataract
  6. Haematology
  7. Dialysis
  8. Glands
  9. Canines
  10. In your buttocks

Fun Health Trivia Questions and Answers

Parts interesting and parts unusual, the medical field has it’s fair share of odd yet intriguing facts. Let’s get your participants exploring that, with ten fun trivia quiz questions related to the human body or the wider field of biology.

1. Which of your organs is approximately seven metres in length?

2. What links your spleen, your gall bladder, your appendix and one of your kidneys (amongst others)?

3. To the nearest ten percent, what percentage of the human body is made up of water?

4. Polymastia or polythelia are terms used to denote the presence of excess what on the human body?

5. At what stage of pregnancy does a baby’s heartbeat start? week 6 / week 16 / week 26 / week 36?

6. Humans share 98.8% of their DNA with which animal?

7. Which muscle of the human body can exert the most pressure?

8. More than half of your bones are located in which two parts of the body?

9. To the nearest hundred, how many muscles are there in the body?

10. Which cetacean has the largest brain of any mammal?

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Fun Health Trivia Answers

  1. The small intestine
  2. They are organs you can live without
  3. 60%
  4. Nipples
  5. Week 6
  6. Chimpanzee
  7. The jaw
  8. Hands and feet
  9. 600
  10. Sperm Whale

No way! The body has 206 bones, of which 106 are in the hands and feet!

Medical History Trivia Questions and Answers

From illustrious inventors to milestones of the medical world, change the pace of your quiz with this, a dive into the history of medicine itself!

1. Who is credited with the 1928 discovery of penicillin?

2. Which key innovation, a way of taking a ‘photo’ of the inside of the body, was accidentally discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895?

3. In what year did the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic, which infected an estimated 500 million people and killed 50 million, begin?

4. Marie Curie was instrumental in developing what as a therapeutic tool?

5. Who created the smallpox vaccine and is sometimes known as ‘the father of immunisation’?

6. Used in Ancient Greece to help balance the body’s humors, which parasites were commonly prescribed in Europe in the Middle Ages and up until the 19th Century?

7. Which 19th century Austrian is known as ‘the father of Psychoanalysis?

8. Joseph Murray performed the first of which type of operation in 1954?

9. Which Ancient Greek physician is known as ‘the Father of Medicine’ and still affirmed by all doctors in many countries today?

10. Extremely rare today, which disease, caused by a lack of ascorbic acid in the body, was the scourge of sailors up until the mid-18th century?

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Medical History Trivia Answers

  1. Alexander Fleming
  2. X-ray
  3. 1918
  4. Radiation
  5. Edward Jenner
  6. Leeches
  7. Sigmund Freud
  8. Organ (kidney) transplant
  9. Hippocrates (after whom the Hippocratic Oath is named)
  10. Scurvy

Did you know? When Edward Jenner was alive, smallpox killed around 10% of the population. It has now been effectively eradicated. Jenner is often said to have saved more lives than anyone else who has ever lived.

Health Blockbusters – Medical Quiz Questions and Answers

It’s like Scrabble meets science in this round, our health blockbusters! Give your quizzers some easy peasy clues to the medical answers in this round where each answer begins with the specified letter.

1. Which S is the bones that make up the internal framework of the body?

2. Which I is a thin annular structure involved in controlling the amount of light that reaches the retina?

3. Which B is a large muscle on the front of the upper arm?

4. Which P is a neurodegenerative disease which causes shaking of the hands?

5. Which C is the bestselling brand of children’s paracetamol in the United Kingdom?

6. Which T is a gland in the chest where T cells are produced? In a cow, you might eat it as sweetbreads.

7. Which E is the more common name of the typically brown/orange secretion known as cerumen?

8. Which M is characterised by an inflammation of the parotid glands?

9. Which H is the speciality of a Trichologist?

10. Which N can be found either side of the septum?

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Health Blockbusters – Medical Quiz Answers

  1. Skeleton
  2. Iris
  3. Biceps
  4. Parkinson’s
  5. Calpol
  6. Thymus
  7. Earwax
  8. Mumps
  9. Hair
  10. Nostril

Where’s That Bone Quiz Questions and Answers

Your contestants have a bone to pick with you after a few more puzzling rounds? Well then it’s time to throw ‘em one in this, our round dedicated to the 206 bones in the human body. Just ask them: In which part of the body would you find each of these…?

1. Cranium

2. Femur

3. Meta-tarsal

4. Radius

5. Fibia

6. Mandible

7. Scapula

8. Clavicle

9. Sacrum

10. Stapes

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Where’s That Bone Quiz Answers

  1. Head
  2. Leg (upper)
  3. Foot
  4. Arm
  5. Leg (lower)
  6. Jaw
  7. Shoulder blade
  8. Chest (collar bone)
  9. Back/bottom
  10. Ear

By Another Name Medical Trivia Questions

Medical terms are a bit of a minefield. Like the official sounding borborygmus which just means ‘tummy rumbles’ or Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia which translates as… brain freeze or an ice-cream headache! Let’s see how much your quizzers know about some of the more common medical terms by asking them: What alternative health term is used for the following?

1. Umbilicus

2. Varicella

3. Intergluteal cleft

4. Sternum

5. Tinea pedis

6. Ulnar nerve

7. Myocardial infarction

8. Contusion/ecchymosis/hematoma

9. Pink eye

10. Gonad

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By Another Name Medical Trivia Answers

  1. Naval / belly button
  2. Chicken pox
  3. Butt crack
  4. Breast bone
  5. Athlete’s foot
  6. Funny bone
  7. Heart attack
  8. Bruise
  9. Conjunctivitis
  10. Testicle

Medical Ailments Trivia Questions

Think they know their eye from their elbow? We’d hope so! But what about the medical ailments that trouble different parts of the human body?

Test their knowledge with these ten medical trivia questions and answers that ask: Which part of the body is affected by the following medical problem?

1. Glaucoma

2. Bronchiectasis

3. Hepatitis

4. Piles

5. Rhinophyma

6. Otitis media

7. Gingivitis

8. Atrial fibrillation

9. Impetigo

10. Orchitis

Medical Ailments Trivia Answers

  1. Eye
  2. Lungs
  3. Liver
  4. Rectum (accept bottom etc..)
  5. Nose
  6. Ear
  7. Gums
  8. Heart
  9. Skin
  10. Testicles

TV Doctors Trivia Questions and Answers

From Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy (and McSteamy) to George Clooney as ER’s Doug Ross, TV doctors are often almost as well-known to us as the real doctors that serve our everyday health needs!

Immortalised on small screen, let’s use these ten questions – the penultimate round of this medical trivia quiz – to explore how much your contestants know about the notable doctors of the ‘tube’. 

1. Which diagnostics genius was played on TV by Hugh Lawrie from 2004 to 2012?

2. Dick van Dyke played Mark Sloan, a doctor who helped the L.A.P.D. solve homicides in conjunction with his son, Steve, played by his real-life son, Barry, in which show?

3. In which 90s TV show did Neil Patrick Harris play a teenage surgeon working in L.A.?

4. Holby City is a spin-off of which long-running British TV show?

5. Which comedy show follows the career of Dr Dorian at Sacred Heart hospital?

6. Who played the eponymous Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman on 90’s television?

7. Which Doctor was partnered with Special Agent Fox Mulder to investigate unsolved and unusual cases in TV classic The X Files?

8. Which medical TV classic starred Anthony Edwards, Juliana Margulies and Noah Wyle?

9. Sandra Oh and Katherine Heigl have starred in a long-running medical drama named after which textbook?

10. Which mad scientist was the main antagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog’s in comics, video games, film and television?

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TV Doctors Trivia Answers

  1. Dr House
  2. Diagnosis Murder
  3. Doogie Howser, M.D.
  4. Casualty
  5. Scrubs
  6. Jane Seymour
  7. Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson)
  8. E.R.
  9. Grey’s Anatomy
  10. Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

Interesting Fact: Eight members of the van Dyke family appeared on the show at one time or another! What a talented family.

Tricky Medical Quiz Questions and Answers

Last, but definitely not least, it’s time to up the ante, throwing in at least ten very tricky trivia questions about the medical field, to real close your trivia quiz night.

1. What is the longest bone in the human body?

2. What is the largest organ in the body (by surface area and weight)?

3. What is the name of the cells that help our blood to clot?

4. What blood type is known as the universal donor?

5. Which disease, more common in the elderly, involves the build-up of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles?

6. What disease is caused by reduced bone density?

7. What health problem are you suffering if you are experiencing myopia?

8. What is defined as “a diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes” (i.e. a fertilized ovum)?

9. Psoriasis affects which organ of the human body?

10. The term hypotension denotes what?

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Tricky Medical Quiz Answers

  1. Femur
  2. Skin
  3. Platelets
  4. Negative
  5. Alzheimer’s
  6. Osteoporosis
  7. Short-sightedness
  8. A zygote
  9. The skin
  10. Low blood pressure

Interesting Fact: Adults carry around 3.6kg of skin, which covers around 2 square metres!

Whether it was red blood cells or rheumatoid arthritis that tickled their fancy, we hope you and your participants really enjoyed our medical trivia questions and answers. But, did we miss any from this list? We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for trivia questions – just drop us a comment below, or get in touch!

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