100 of the best Toys, Games & Board Games Quiz Questions and Answers

From Monopoly to MahJong, backgammon to bridge, there are thousands of board games, card tricks and toys there to keep even the most active mind occupied. But, instead of whipping out your Twister mat or hoarding your ‘pies’ for the Trivial Pursuit board, what about dedicating a night to the best trivia about these famous games? If that tickles your gaming fancy, we’ve got just the ticket for you – 100 of the best toys, games and board games quiz questions and answers!

Just gather round some friends, family or even colleagues (especially the more competitive amongst them!), get the quiz counters ready and throw the proverbial trivia dice…

Easy General Knowledge Board Games & Games Quiz Questions

It’s time to kick off your trivia quiz night with an easy round of ten questions, covering everything from multi-coloured kid’s bricks to one of the globe’s oldest games, chess.

1. Which country is the home of Lego?

2. Which part of the body is included in the name of the US version of Noughts and Crosses?

3. Six different coloured pies are sought after in which game?

4. Known as L’Attaque, and first played with pen and paper by the French during World War, which grid-based game later spawned a film which was certainly not a ‘hit’?

5. What are sometimes known as ‘devil’s bones’?

6. What is the only move in chess where two pieces can be moved in one go?

7. In Backgammon, how many pieces does each player start with?

8. Which game gives small pink and blue pegs for your children?

9. Created in 1957 by a French film director, which game has spaces such as ‘Kamchatka’ and ‘Western Australia’?

10. How many pawns start in a game of chess?

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Easy General Knowledge Board Games & Games Quiz Answers

  1. Denmark
  2. Toe (Tic Tac Toe)
  3. Trivial Pursuit
  4. Battleship. Original paper versions of Battleship included land areas in addition to the water.
  5. Dice
  6. A ‘castle’
  7. 15
  8. The Game of Life
  9. Risk
  10. 16

Harder Games & Board Games Quiz Questions and Answers

Too easy for your board game-loving players? Let’s break out the head-scratchers with these ten fiendishly difficult board games trivia questions:

1. In Cluedo, what is the name given to character who is the victim of the murder?

2. With which popular game would you associate Bernard, Eric, Frans, Maria and Anita?

3. Who did Deep Blue beat?

4. What were the six tokens used in the original game of Monopoly?

5. Which strategy game derives its name from the Latin for ‘I play’?

6. The inventor of which game came up with the idea for it when he and his wife easily beat another couple in Pictionary but were convincingly beaten at Scrabble?

7. How did the author of a series of travel encyclopaedias gain evidence to sue the makers of Trivial Pursuit?

8. The name Jenga is derived from a word meaning ‘build’ in which language?

9. In order to prevent a Boggle player from playing a particular swear word, which two letters appear only once, on the same cube, thus meaning that word cannot ever be played?

10. Which board game is named after a medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in southern France, famed for its city walls?

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Harder Games & Board Games Quiz Answers

  1. ‘Dr Black’ in the UK edition and ‘Mr. Boddy’ in North American versions.
  2. Guess Who
  3. Gary Kasparov, at chess
  4. Battleship, Boot, Racing Car, Racehorse, Top Hat and Iron.
  5. Ludo
  6. Cranium
  7. He alleged that he put some intentionally wrong facts in his books and they had turned up as questions in the game.
  8. Swahili
  9. F and K
  10. Carcassonne

Card Games Quiz Questions

Enough with the classic board games questions! It is time to switch gears over to the undisputed king of games: the humble deck of cards. Easy to pack into your pocket, there are literally thousands of cracking card games played around the world. And, in those round, we test your quizzers’ knowledge about just ten of them:

1. What are the different suits in a pack of cards?

2. What card game is essentially bridge without the bidding?

3. Which classic board game was the basis 1985 film starring Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and Madeline Kahn?

4. Which politically incorrect card game was funded by a Kickstarter campaign after being developed in 2011 by students in Illinois?

5. Which of the four kings doesn’t have a moustache?

6. What is the English name of the game Solitaire?

7. In a standard playing card pack, what is it that the queens hold in their hands?

8. Gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead and comedian Buster Keaton died of more natural causes while playing what game?

9. In what game, which lead to the expression ‘level pegging’, does the highest possible hand give a score of 29?

10. In which game must you shout its name when you have one card remaining?

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Card Games Quiz Answers

  1. Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades
  2. Whist
  3. Clue (do)
  4. Cards Against Humanity
  5. The King of Hearts
  6. Patience
  7. Flowers
  8. Poker
  9. Cribbage
  10. Uno

Toys & Games Trivia Questions

Whether it’s a tile-based game or that simple pleasure of Tiddlywinks, most of us love playing games (and exploring different toys). But how much do we know about these childhood pleasures? Test those assumptions with these ten trivia questions about toys and games:

1. Which ‘puzzle’ has only 1 correct answer and 43 quintillion wrong?

2. If you’re playing table football, what formation would your players most likely take up?

3. In which game can you create a squop, which is when a wink covers another wink?

4. The time it takes to finish what is roughly in proportion to the square of the number of pieces, so doubling the pieces quadruples the difficulty.

5. In what children’s card game are most cards spread out in a disorderly pile referred to as the ‘ocean’ or ‘pool’?

6. Which game’s board represents an island composed of hexagonal tiles?

7. What game, invented in ancient India, was prohibited by the Buddha, but is now played by children around the world and involves jumping onto squares that are often drawn in chalk onto pavements?

8. What children’s game is the land equivalent of the swimming pool game ‘Marco Polo’?

9. Which tile-based game incorporates the elements of the mah-jong and rummy?

10. A cheap version of which toy will generally go for 10 to 20 seconds, while professional type might go for 1 to 4 minutes (with a record of just over 21 minutes)?

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Toys & Games Trivia Answers

  1. Rubik’s cube
  2. 1 keeper, 2 defenders, five midfielders, 3 attackers
  3. Tiddlywinks. A squop-up is when all one of one set of winks are squopped.
  4. Jigsaw Puzzle
  5. Go Fish
  6. Settlers of Catan
  7. Hopscotch
  8. Blind Man’s Buff (Or Blind Man’s Bluff)
  9. Rummikub
  10. Yo-Yo

Interesting Fact: Tiddlywinks can be traced back to the 19th century, but the modern game began with group of Cambridge University undergraduates meeting in Christ’s College in 1955 who wished to devise a sport at which they could represent the university. Within three years, Oxford had taken up the challenge, and from there the game grew with 37 universities competing in the 60s.

Monopoly Quiz Questions and Answers

From the moment you ‘pass go’ and collect your first 200 bucks, you’re hooked on Monopoly, that juggernaut of a game that’s been licensed in more than 100 countries and is available in 37 languages! But, beyond that worldwide acclaim, what are the stories (and the trivia bits) beyond the famous board game? See how much your contestants know in this round:

1. True or False: It’s possible (though incredibly improbable) to win a two-player game of Monopoly in only four turns and nine rolls of the dice?

2. Statistically, what is the most landed on square on the Monopoly board?

3. Why is the prize money for winning the Monopoly World Championship $20,580?

4. True or False: One of the pieces was originally going to be a candlestick but this was changed due to the similarity to Scrabble.

5. What was the original name of the character on the front of the Monopoly set?

6. True or False: In the second World War, the Allies used Monopoly sets to smuggle maps, compasses and files to prisoners of war.

7. What is the only UK Monopoly property that contains every letter in the word ‘Monopoly’ in its name?

8. True or False: The Monopoly makers print as money each year as the United States Treasury does.

9. The original version of Monopoly used the streets of which American city?

10. Combined, how many Chance and Community Chest spaces on a Monopoly board?

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Monopoly Quiz Answers

  1. True
  2. Jail
  3. That is the amount of money there is in the game’s bank.
  4. False
  5. Rich Uncle Pennybags. He is now named ‘Mr Monopoly’.
  6. True
  7. Electric Company
  8. False
  9. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  10. Six

Scrabble Quiz Questions and Answers

From property tycoon to… spelling bee champion? If Monopoly wasn’t their best round, how will your players fare in this; a round totally dedicated to the masterful spelling game, Scrabble? Find out with these ten Scrabble board game questions:

1. How many different Scrabble tiles are there?

2. How did inventor Alfred Mosher Butts use major newspapers such as the New York Times to create the game?

3. How many points is the word ‘zone’ worth in scrabble?

4. What is it called when all the tiles are used in one go in Scrabble?

5. In Scrabble, what is notable about the words NETZAHUALCOYOTL and CZECHOSLOVAKIAN?

6. Can Scrabble be considered a sport?

7. Why do official Scrabble tournaments use flat tiles?

8. How many points bonus is awarded for playing all seven tiles?

9. How many legitimate Scrabble words can be created by adding a single letter to the end of the word ‘date’?

10. Two journalists invented which general knowledge game after being shocked by the price of Scrabble?

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Scrabble Quiz Answers

  1. 27
  2. He counted the number of letters on the pages to determine how many of each letter should be in the game.
  3. 14
  4. A ‘bingo’
  5. When on the correct triple word and double letter toles, they are the highest possible point scoring words.
  6. While this might be seen as a subjective question, it is determined to be an official sport in several African countries, including Senegal and Mali, so it can be considered a sport.
  7. So that competitors cannot pick the letters she desires by ‘brailling’ and feeling the surface of tiles.
  8. Fifty
  9. Three – dated, dater and dates.
  10. Trivial Pursuit

It’s done well… It is estimated that one in three American households own a Scrabble set!

Name That Board Game Quiz Questions

It’s said that there are over 100, 000 different board games across the globe. But, like us, you probably are only familiar with a handful, right? Test out your board game trivia with this round; delivering ten opportunities to ‘name the game’ just by reading out the description.

A bit too tricky for your quizzers? You could always play this as an Image Round, perhaps obscuring a few pictures of the game in question.

1. What game has the rules ‘Pieces must stay on the dark squares’ and ‘The opponent with the darker pieces moves first’?

2. The following rule applies to which game? ‘A Marshal removes a General, a General removes a Colonel, and a Colonel removes a Major and so on down to the Spy, which is the lowest ranking piece.’

3. Which game has the rule ‘Any word preceded by a triangle is designated as an All Play word’?

4. Which less well-known game states the following aim: ‘Feel the power! And make the deals! The object of the game is to make the most money. I’m talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. If you are clever, aggressive and lucky, you could end up with a billion or more!’

5. In which game is the following rule: ‘With this card, you must have no other alternative cards to play that matches the colour of the card previously played’?

6. Which game includes a card, which when played leads the player to sarcastically say the name of the game, with the instructions ‘This card allows you to take one pawn from your ‘Start’ and place it on any space that is occupied by any opponent. This bumps that opponent’s pawn back to its ‘Start’. If there is no pawn on your ‘Start’ or no opponent’s pawn on any space you can move to, you forfeit your move.’?

7. Which American game has the rule ‘There are 2 short cuts on the path – the Rainbow Trail and the Gumdrop Pass’?

8. The rules of which game state: ‘The board will start with 2 black discs and 2 white discs at the centre of the board’?

9. To which game does the following rule relate? ‘A player must use both numbers of a roll if this is legally possible (or all four numbers of a double). When only one number can be played, the player must play that number. Or if either number can be played but not both, the player must play the larger one.’

10. Which game has the rule ‘If you touch the metal edge, you’ll set off the buzzer and make Sam’s nose light up!’?

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Name That Board Game Answers

  1. Checkers or Draughts
  2. Stratego
  3. Pictionary
  4. Trump: The Game
  5. Uno
  6. Sorry!
  7. Candy Land.
  8. Othello (or Reversi)
  9. Backgammon
  10. Operation

Toys Trivia Questions

Now this quiz has probably been a bit heavy on board game questions so, let’s rectify that, and delve into some of the most well-known ‘toys’, as enjoyed by millions of children (and adults, of course) around the world.

1. How many feet of wire are needed to make a Slinky, 20, 40 or 80?

2. What was originally a product that could clean coal residue from wallpaper?

3. By what name is Barbara Millicent Roberts is better known?

4. Which toy, introduced at the 1979 Nuremberg Toy Show, sold over 100 million units by 1982?

5. From which TV show was created a number of very popular toys and also the ice lollies Zoom and Fab?

6. Which mid 90s toys were recognisable by their fluorescent upstanding hair?

7. Which rubber toy, first released in the 70s, could indeed take a small step but could also stretch to take a giant leap?

8. A portmanteau of the Japanese words for ‘egg’ and ‘watch’, which toy caused a craze in the late 90’s?

9. Which executive desk toy illustrates the constancy of momentum and energy?

10. What handheld game console was Sega’s attempt to compete with the Nintendo Game Boy?

Toys Trivia Answers

  1. 80. Over 250 million of them were sold in the toy’s first 55 years.
  2. Play-Doh
  3. Barbie
  4. Rubik’s Cube. Erno Rubik, a Hungarian scientist was obsessed with 3D geometry, took five years to develop his idea.
  5. Thunderbirds
  6. Trolls
  7. Stretch Armstrong
  8. Tamagotchi
  9. Newton’s Cradle
  10. The Game Gear

No way! The inventor of Barbie, Ruth Handler named the doll after her own daughter. Likewise, Ken was named after her son.

Retro Games Quiz Questions and Answers

Nowadays gaming is more about computers and consoles, and less about tiles and checkers. Cast your mind back to the classics with this round of ten questions about games from days gone by; all about retro games!

1. Which game features four characters named Harry, Henry, Homer and Lizzie?

2. Which game involves determining your opponent’s colour-coded combination?

3. Gaining fifty points, what do you exclaim if all five dice you roll show the same number?

4. True or False: The player who goes first in Connect Four can win 100% of the time.

5. Five “hits” are needed to sink which class of ship in your fleet?

6. Which ancient Chinese strategy board game is played with pieces called stones?

7. How many squares does a classic Rubik’s Cube have?

8. Which game spawned a phrase referring to small events compounding to create a catastrophe?

9. In the typical 100 square version of this game, with 19 notable objects (which give the game its name), a player will need an average of 39.2 spins to move from the starting point, which is off the board, to square 100. What is the game?

10. Which anatomical game was invented by a University of Illinois student in 1962 as a part of an assignment to invent a game or toy?

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Retro Games Quiz Answers

  1. Hungry Hippos
  2. Mastermind
  3. Yahtzee
  4. True. Although there are nearly 2 trillion ways to get four in a row, if two perfect players are competing, the one who goes first will always win. A traditional Connect Four board has 4,531,985,219,092 possible positions.
  5. Aircraft Carrier
  6. Go
  7. 54
  8. Domino(e)s. The Domino Effect
  9. Snakes and Ladders or Chutes and Ladders
  10. Operation

Did you know? The ‘patient’ in Operation is named Cavity Sam.

Taglines for Board Games Questions and Answers

Last, but definitely not least, top off your epic gaming trivia night with this final round, all about taglines. You (and your players) might definitely find a few surprises in store as you are asked to guess the name of the game just by seeing the tagline in question.

1. Which game has the tagline The Game of Quick Draw?

2. Which game has the tagline The Game that Ties You Up in Knots?

3. Which game has the tagline A Game of Zany Action On A Crazy Contraption?

4. Which game has the tagline The Frantic Marble Munching Game?

5. Which game has the tagline The Game for Your Whole Brain?

6. Which game has the tagline The 3 Minute Word Game?

7. Which game has the tagline The Ultimate Stacking Game?

8. Which game has the tagline The Hilarious Bluffing Game?

9. Which game has the tagline A Family Game?

10. Which game has the tagline The Game of Unspeakable Fun?

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Taglines for Board Games Answers

  1. Pictionary
  2. Twister
  3. Mouse Trap
  4. Hungry Hippos
  5. Cranium
  6. Boggle
  7. Jenga
  8. Balderdash
  9. Game of Life
  10. Taboo

So, how did they fare? Did your avid board gamers enjoy something a little different? A quiz night dedicated to trivia about their favourite gaming pastimes?

Regardless of the final scores, we hope everyone enjoyed this list of 100 toys, games and board games quiz questions. And, if they didn’t, that you give us some feedback in the comments below!

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